Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine there are a few people who need some guidance and were happy to help. Here is a list of Frequently asked Questions to help you on your way. If We Do not answer your question below please contact our Support Team.

Q: How Do i Shorten my link?

A: Simply copy your long URL and paste it into our URL Shortener on Click the shorten button and voila, your link will automatically be shortened.

Q: How Do i share my Shortened Link?

A: Once you have Shrunk your link, there are several Shareable options in the created link Page. Along side these Shareable options for Social Media you can simply hit the "Copy Link" button and this will copy your link to your clipboard. Once your link is copied you can paste it all over the inter-web.

Q: I cant find my links statistics page but know my link, how do i find out how many hits it has had?

A: Simply copy and past this link "" adding your shortened didgets on the end after the = sign to find out your statistics report.

Q: My link comes up with an error, can not find link, why?

A: In some cases users will enter special characters in the optional link description such as "@#$%" symbols. Our URL Shortener does not allow us to use these symbols so please shorten your link using only (A-Z) (a-z) or (0-9). We do not allow the use of emojicons or non english dictonary character.

Q: How do I Advertise with MyShorten?

A: Simply contact on our Support Page and one of our friendly Support Staff will guide you and give you more information regarding Advertising with MyShorten.

Q: How much does advertising cost from MyShorten?

A: We believe one price does not fit all so for all your questions regarding Advertising please head over to our Support Page to Contact Us.