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MyShorten url shortener is the easiest way to shorten a link online for free. We are a free url shortener that helps our customers create tiny urls to share around the internet to help your customers and you followers so you no longer need long urls. A Free service for life at We strive our hardest to give our customers the best service we can by offering a one of a king shortlink generator to help you make short links. This gives you the ability to track and manage your tinyurls so you can evaluate your generated url traffic.

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When following the link above you achnowledge that you as the user and visitor take full responsibility that you have had this link shared to you for your viewing and understand what you should expect and have a fair idea of where the link will lead you after you have been redirected. MyShorten does not take responsibility for you clicking on links that are not intended for you as the visitor. Any further Information can be found on our Terms Of Use Page.

Shorten A Link For Free

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Customize Short Link

Make your link your own by adding a password or custom end prefix to your link

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Enter Your Custom Prefix

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Enter an optional Password for Extra tinyurl security

Please do not use special charactors for a custom link, this includes any foreign language or emojicons. This will result in an error page use only (a-z)(A-Z)(0-9) is a free tool to shorten a URL to reduce a link and make a link smaller. Use our free url shortener to create a shortened link making it easier to remember. Having a short link with less characters in it saves you typing out your long link into the url bar. Use my shorten today to make a small link for your website, social media or app.

URL Shortener's are very helpful when you have a long link and you struggle to remember it. With MyShorten you can shorten your link with our Free to use Shortener which has the ability to customize your given URL! Our simple and Free to use site helps you 24/7, 365 days a year. MyShorten also has Built in statistics to track you link with a trackable url so you can promote and track how many times your link has been seen online. We are one of the free url shorteners for custom short links on the web with detailed analysis with our link management platform For any FAQ's please visit our FAQ and Terms of Service Page if you have forgoten your statistics url or have any other basic questions. If you need further assistance please head over to our Support Page and you can get in touch with our url shotener staff.

Why You Should Use MyShorten URL Shortener

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Easy To Use

Free url shortener with an easy to use short link generator, enter your long link and out pops your shortened link.

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Shorten Any Link

Use your long link from anywhere on the internet and our short link generator will always shorten your links.

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Secure Links

With our secure SSL certified link shortener you can have full faith in our sites security when making tinyurls.

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URL Statistics

Track your link with our built in custom url tracking implimentation so you can see how many views you have.

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Reliable Shortener

With our Cloudflare implimentation our site never goes down so you can always shorten a link no matter what.

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Cross Platform

Our site gives you the ability to Shorten links on any device, mobile or PC so you can shorten whereve you need.

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Mobile App

We have a mobile app so your can Shorten links on the go. Head over to our Download page for more information.

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Custom Link

We give you the ability to choose your own link with our custom link shortener you can choose your prefix.

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Password Protected

Keep your short url protected with our Password Protected url option so only you and your customers have access.

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